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Risk Management

Every project has its challenges and risks, and Liberal offers services in risk-rich industries.

Our Risk-Adverse Management Approach incorporates best practices like PMBOK and ISO. This provides us with the means and methods for us to monitor, manage, and mitigate or avoid risks at the lowest levels.

We use four widely accepted principles of Operational Risk Management (ORM):

  • Accept risk when benefits outweigh the cost
  • Accept no unnecessary risks
  • Make risk decisions at the right level
  • Anticipate and manage risk

Unlike safety, risks associated with technical application, operations, and schedule are often less instinctive. ORM principles help us navigate our projects and apply our risk-adverse tactics and strategies.

From a Customer: On Quality and Complexity
The level of interior and exterior finishes between the existing and the new [construction] work was difficult and [Liberal Construction] provided additional effort to enhance the overall quality.

From a Customer: On Security
This project is located in one of the most unstable and dangerous area in Afghanistan. [Liberal Construction] successfully completed the project ahead of time despite of the difficulty in sustaining the workers because of security concerns.

  • Risk-Adverse Management Approach
  • Incorporate best practices at lowest level
  • “Zero” recordable safety incidents throughout our history