Service Solutions

Procurement & Logistics

We conduct baselines to balance cost and time without compromising quality, and then determine the best procurement and logistics methods. Whether we are purchasing long-lead items or providing long-haul services across borders, our in-house Procurement and Logistics Department provides the means and methods to identify and acquire quality and sustainable goods at the most economical means.

Sometimes the best economics is paying a little more for locally sourced goods to reduce transportation and customs costs. In other cases,  specified equipment is unavailable regionally, we access our global network. Our network of vendors and shipping agents allows us to secure the most economic means to get goods on-site when needed.

Procurement and Logistics services have included:

  • Over $12 million in equipment procured annually, including 1000kVA generator sets, electrical cabling, HVAC units, furniture, fixtures and equipment (FF&E)
  • Logistics, shipping, and customs coordination between Turkey, U.S., China, UAE, Germany, Italy, other countries, and Afghanistan
  • Balance cost against need
  • Long-hauls across country and borders
  • Customs expertise and experience
  • Local procurements first, to reduce customer’s cost