Service Solutions

Facilities Operations
& Maintenance

From providing and operating life support activities (LSA) for up to 500 personnel, to supporting job order contract services, Liberal has in-place processes, procedures, resources, and capabilities to handle the job. We are positioned to provide full base O&M services to include minor construction, facility repairs, equipment repair, and preventative maintenance. We provide LSA to include dining and catering services, cleaning, potable water, wastewater removal, and billeting.


A sample of our Facilities O&M work includes:

Stand-up and O&M services for two workforce camps ranging in population from 200 to 500 persons. We provided minor construction, repairs, power generation, water and wastewater distribution, and generator and HVAC repair and preventative maintenance.

LSA services for workforces: Catering, laundry services, potable water, solid waste removal, wastewater removal, morale/welfare/wellness, and the provision of billets and latrines within a secure compound for up to 500 persons.

  • In-place processes, procedures, resources, and capabilities
  • Dining/catering, cleaning, potable water supply, wastewater removal, billeting
  • Minor construction, repairs, power generation, generator and HVAC repair/preventative maintenance, morale/wellness